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Photo from '98

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We are a family with three kids, living in a little village in Sunnmøre, in the north-west of Norway. Endre was born i 1996 and his sister Anne came two years later. The youngest of the boys was born in oct. 2004 and named Håvard. The place we live in is called Dalsbygd, and is located in Dalsfjorden in the municipality of Volda. The towns closest to us are Volda (population 5000), Nordfjordeid (3000) and Ålesund (37000). We run a dairy farm of medium size (in norwegian terms), and Tove works full-time as a teacher. Our goals for these pages is to give you an idea of some of the things that we do in this "outback", surrounded by alpine peaks and deep fjords.

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Some of our closest relatives:

Tove's family: her sisters Ann and Ingebjørg standing next to Tove, and her parents Petra og Elias in front.

Jørn's family: Stig is Jørn's brother and Tor his father. Next to Stig is Liv (Tor's wife), Line and Tove. Line and Stig married a few years ago, and now lives in Sandnes. They also have two girls - Lotte and Mari.


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