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Terracina is located at the west coast of Italy at the Tyrrenian Ocean, about half-way between Rome and Neaples (Napoli). Terracina's history goes back to the Roman Empire some 2000 years ago. Today the city inhabits about 40000 people. The beach is 5 kilometers long with finegrained sand. The beach is shallow and good for kids. Terracina has some tourism in the summer, but these are mostly italians with their own summer houses or with private lodging at friends or relatives. There are only a few hotels in Terracina, and the city is not a typical mediterranean tourist machine. The nightlife is rather slow and the shopping possibilities somewhat limited, but this didn't matter much to us anyway.
We travelled to Terracina in May 2003, together with Jørn's brother Stig and his family. During our week in Italy, we also managed to find time to visit
Rome to see some of the great tourist attractions there. We travelled by bus and train via Monte San Biaggio, which worked out fine. On the last day of our stay, Jørn also travelled south to see the ancient city of Pompei. We made a second trip to Terracina in oct. 2005, and we were just as pleased!

The beach in Terracina. A few kiters tested the wind before they set out on the water. In mid-summer kiting is not allowed here for safety reasons, but the location is very popular in September - October. In the distant horizon lies the Mt. Circe, where the witch Kirke bewitched Odysseus and his men into pigs.

Endre and mummy Tove in front of the city hall in Terracina. At the hill in the background lies a roman Jupiter temple 2500 years old.

Evening walk along the main street of Terracina.

The warm light at sunset almost made the brick houses glow.

The channel cutting through Terracina.

Such shops may be a common view for most people in Europe, but not for us coming from Norway where wine is heavily taxed. The cheapest wine could be bought from draft for 1 Euro per litre, but it paid off to put some more into better quality. We had fun anyway.

Every Thursday was markets day in Terracina. Goods of all kinds were offered along a street packed with sales stalls. Anne is unpatient while Endre acts cool with his shades.

From the older parts of Terracina, with ancient roman pillars and the cathedral from the 11th century.

Evening panorama of Terracina.

Being a retired swimmer Stig is showing off for the camera... ;o)

Well, fancy going to Terracina? I would do it over again, and I really will some time!

Regards from Jørn

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